The Aurelia berlina was introduced in 1950, as the B10 with a 1.8 liter motor. The motor was revised to two liters in the B21 of 1951, and a year later, there was a more potent version, the  B22. All of these shared essentially the same body as the B10.

In 1954, the car was significantly revised with the new series 2 Aurelia, the B12. This had a new body style, a 2.2 liter motor and de Dion rear suspension.  

All were available in left hand drive, with the right hand drive more common in the earlier  models. All the berlina motors had the rocker arms aligned parallel to the crankshaft axis, not skewed like the more sporty B20s. This was because Lancia deemed that the parallel alignment was more robust and would last longer for the berlinas without requiring attention.

Aurelia berlinas (sedans)